Tauri Västrik

Grey Sheep


tallinn / estonia


aalto university of art, design & architecture Helsinki

Graduation year


Tauri Västrik is a fashion design student from Estonia who has recently started his master degree studies in Aalto University, Finland. During the previous studies and personal development, he’s been aiming to create gender-fluid aesthetics in a relation with more sustainable point of view for clothing.

Bold, abstract digital prints on surface, outerwear based on post-consumer waste methods and experimental way of analysing the personal stories related to the garment concept has been the visual assets for his previous designs. He enjoys to use manipulation of various materials and fabrics in collection development. Creating his own materials is something as well to notice on given collection. Jacquard and intarsia in knitwear are both created via mixture of artisanal and industrial methods, including research of creating the distorted structures in knits.

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