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Leform Concept Store, 35/28 Povarskaya str., Moscow, Russia / Tsvetnoy Central Market, 15/1 Tsvetnoy boulevard, Moscow, Russia / Eleven Village Store, 7 Via Flavio Baracchini, Milan, Italy / Excelsior Milano, 4 Galleria del Corso, Milan, Italy / Index50, 50 Vozdvizhenskaya str., Kyiv, Ukraine

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TATTOOSWEATERS - creative project, a kind of never ending experiment. The brand intends to unite artists, tattooists, photographers, stylists and transfer their art to the basic comfortable clothes for everyone. The core values of the brand – functionality, audacity, sexuality. The main feature of Tattoosweaters is a constant presence of sweatshirts in classic brand’s beige and black colors.

Tattoosweaters positioning is clothing as the second skin and tattoos as the only true way to decorate it. Each season brand creates a basic wardrobe and the starting point of the new collection is works of tattoo artists from all over the world. The history of the brand consists of 4 years (founded in August 2013) and 6 collaborations with talented tattoo artists. The designer is Anna Osmekhina, a practicing costume designer and a famous stylist with 10 years of experience.

The first collection #ienlevinseries was immediately ordered by the iconic concept store Colette and sold out in a week. With the second collection, the brand began to be sold in K_3, the famous creative space in Japan. Today Tattoosweaters is represented in 6 countries: Japan (K_3, Uggla), Germany (theWFS), Russia (Leform Concept Store, Tsvetnoy Central Market), Ukraine (brand’s showroom), Italy (Excelsior, Le Village), France (Gago).

The brand has implemented high quality standards and all collections are produced at its own production in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the creative lab of Tattoosweaters there are 27 unique people with an experience of TV and theater projects, music videos and concert programs. All tattoo prints are transferred on a fabric by hand using a silkscreen method. Fabrics are ordered in Japan, Italy and Poland.

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