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universitá degli studi di Torino

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Tarte Tatin, Silk Stories to Wear, is an italian brand founded by Valeria De Bruno in December 2015. Valeria graduated in Audio-visual, Art and Multimedia Studies from
the University of Turin with a MA thesis on Peter Greenaway’s film-installation “Peopling the Palaces”, which she also partecipated as a production assistant. After completing her academic studies, Valeria took part in the the organization of artistic events such as David Cronenberg’s exhibition “Chromosomes”, presented at the Rome Film Festival in 2008, and Brian Eno’s installation “Music for the Great Gallery” at the Venaria Reale (2012).
Valeria also completed a specialising Master in Copywriting and Advertising Communication at the IULM University in Milan, and worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies and for a childrenswear company.
Cinema, music, advertising, art...all different ways of telling stories.
The tarte Tatin is the legendary upside-down apple tart, the home-made pastry baked with care and genuine ingredients. The treat that flavours one of the best parts of the day: teatime, the moment of tales and of the tastiest stories.
Tarte Tatin realizes fine art accessories and blouses in precious silk, sewn by hand by Italian tailors. Our prints and patterns are designed together with some of the most important contemporary illustrators and tell in playful pop tones about romantic and mysterious characters and atmospheres.

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