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Leather Handbags
Made in Spain
Since 2011 Tara Salgado has designed and created luxury leather products in her workshop in Inca, Mallorca.
Her brand Tara´s is specialized in Men and Women’s Handbags. As an Artisan product there is a philosophy of continuously perfecting each one of these designs.
Always based in the quality Made in Spain, as well as craftsmanship and design of each piece, trying to create exclusive items made of Premium quality materials.
Tara´s inspiration is based in some of the local traditions combined with the search for a practical but fashionable style.
Tara Salgado believed in her work ethic and also her luck, she came up with the logo that would determine that. The Dragonfly is a way of defining her believe in Tara´s. Later on she discovered that the Dragonfly is also a good luck symbol an in other countries it means “many stars”.

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