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milan / italy


Haute Future Fashion Academy

I am Ana Tsintskiladze an emerging designer from Georgia. I launched my own Brand called "TANI" in 2014. In 2015 I took a first place in a Be Next international fashion design contest organized by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Tbilisi, Georgia. As a reward I gained 100% waiver of tuition fee at Haute Future Fashion Academy Milan, Italy - Master in "Fashion Design". In the competition I represented my collection called DEDO "Matsoni" that was inspired by Georgian traditional milk-acid product produced from cow, that is white and delicious. In addition white is my favorite color as it reminds me of snow, purity, peace, mountains, monks and snow-flakes. In my collection almost every piece is transforming into another clothes and has various usage methods. I have used silk, cotton, leather texture for shoes, flexi glass, poplin and pooh. Apart from this, bags are handmade of simple ropes with flexi glass handles and bottoms. Generally I consider that my clothes are comfortable, minimalist and personal.
I have a great desire to become part of the the world's largest designer community. As today's fashion competition is very high, I consider that NJAL is a place where you can freely expose your work and at the same time gain brand acknowledgement. In addition being a part of NJAL is prestigious and we have many examples in fashion industry where emerging designers became big players in Fashion business with NJAL assistance. I am one of those people, who believe that by trying hard and working non-stop the luck will reward you. Haute Future Fashion Academy is a great place that is giving me invaluable theoretical knowledge and if selected as part of NJAL community I could realize my talent and knowledge in reality. I find, we could have mutually beneficial relationship.

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