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Thanawut Thanasarnvimon or Nook graduated in fashion design from the faculty of Art and Design, Rangsit University. With an interest in streetwear, he has tried to get experience and find his own style to become a professional designer magnificently. His past achievements include being 1 of 10 candidates in the final round of a mini collection contest organised by the Department of Export Promotion in 2006; 1 of 10 students in the university chosen to exhibit in the “Dot to Dot” fashion show during Graduate Fashion Week in 2007 and being 1 of 10 candidates in the final round and participating in the creation of a dress for the “Bangkok Overload” project by Saha Group. He continuously works in the styling and design of clothing and tries to absorb the formation and style of fashion that fits himself in preparing to establish his own brand. That’s a reason why Thanawut left his work in Thailand to travel and spend a year in New York, the United States before coming back to establish his own brand under the name TandT, which has a unique and clear character.

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