Black Sheep


milan / italy


Master in Accessory design at Politecnico di Milano

Tamara Paun is fashion designer&artist based in Milan, Italy. She graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design at the Fashion and Textile Design department in Belgrade, as well as Master studies in Accessory Design at University Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
Her garment is inspired by the wide range of colors, scents and flavors that an unique state of moment consists of. Among other things, it talks about bayaderes, the lenten ones, about princess, and about a fantastic game of fate; about carneval, naughty elves and almond milk; about a small thief and a rose who persistently refused to whither; about a scrolling of happiness and the painted lashes, and one unusual encounter; then again about the perfect model of one shadow; about a magnificent dilemma and especially the watch-hands; about a moment that is longer than eternity; about the happiness of fishes; about the barefoot encounter with scent of the fact; about the conspiracy of ruffles; about the mushrooms that never were themselves and one wish with a horn; about how some things ended and some others….began.

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