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Welcome to the world of TAM ARA. The brand was created with the aim to change the way of thinking about quality and style of day and office wear. We focus on women´s wear created in limited collections.

TAM ARA garments are timeless and do not follow trends. They are made to last in your wardrobe for many years to come and, hopefully, will be here for the future generations as well. The material is essential for us. We only work with natural fabrics, specializing in wool but cashmere, cotton, linen, silk and others may also be found in the portfolio of the brand. People wear clothes all the time, so they should feel pleasant on the skin.

TAM ARA designs are made with a busy woman in mind, who, quite often, has to spend all day wearing the same clothes and wants to feel comfortable
and a little more distinctive, too. The cut is mostly minimalist. Sometimes, we put in a bright color, or we play with details in patterns. The garments can stand alone or nicely complement the look, depending on the wearer ́s mood.

There are several areas where TAM ARA strives for sustainability. To support local economy, we use local suppliers as much as possible and the production takes place fully in the Czech Republic. We create limited collections, so the pieces are more exclusive and less waste is produced. When there is any excess material, we try think of some other way of using it.

At TAM ARA, we want the clothes to express the personality of wearer. Through our work, we would like to see more self-confident women on the streets of our cities. That is why, please, DARE TO BE YOURSELF.

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