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tallinn / estonia


estonian academy of arts

Kirke Talu is a young 20-year-old leather design student at Estonian Academy of Arts.

The journey to fashion began already in her childhood, when all the fabric leftovers were used up for making clothes for dolls or her own self. The first collection „CICUCO“ was created in 2010, when Kirke was in 7th grade.

2009-2013 Kirke had her own fashion and lifestyle blog called CICUCOCO. She has done collaborations with local newspapers, magazines, photographers and various companies, for example with Pärnu Postimees, Gabriele Moe- ja Tantsukool, ReUse Republic etc.

Her greatest source of inspiration is her mother, who works as a tailor. She has always been helping Kirke to create her fads and shared her knowledge with her. At first she did the sewing part for Kirke, but later only helped and instructed her with the collections.

All of Kirke’s current collections have been testings with the wish to develop herself and find the right kind of style. She has taken part of different national contests for young designers in Estonia with her previous prizewinning collections. Furthermore, her collections „Dreamcatcher“ and „TOKYOTO“ have been selected for ERKI fashion show, which is one of Estonia’s largest fashion events.

Minimalistic design is certainly not what Kirke is offering. To the contrary, something fresh, modern and intricate. She is improving her technological skills to develop something new pattern wise as well. At times, her style is looking dark and punk, but it is keeping the everyday vibe at the same time. Everything is dependent on the client and styling.

The decision to study leather design came due to the need to master something different, create challenges and learn how to work with leather to find ways to combine it with fashion design in the future.

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