Taliah Andrea

Grey Sheep




new york / united states


pratt institute, brooklyn, new york

Graduation year


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Taliah Leslie is a fashion designer based in New York City whose architectural,
innovative, and forward thinking designs have captured the attention of industry
professionals. Having graduated from Pratt Institute, earning the Innovation
Materials Award in her senior year, Taliah has developed a heavily recognizable
aesthetic focusing on groundbreaking textile manipulations in the wave
of new technological appropriates, bold colors, and sculptural silhouettes.
Drawing from the lively festivals and rituals of her multicultural background
has fueled her desire to explore dynamic color combinations as well as lush
textured textiles. The influence of the strong women in her life is ever present
in the stark silhouette and details of her designs. With these core values, Taliah
produces captivating, animated designs that creates inclusiveness that steers
fashion into a whole new direction.

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