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copenhagen / denmark


esmod berlin - international university of arts for fashion

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Sintija Avotniece (b. 1988) originally comes from Riga, Latvia. In 2008 she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where she is also based today. She has lived, studied and worked in Berlin, Riga and Copenhagen and in 2015 she graduated ESMOD Berlin with Masters degree in Sustainability in Fashion. All her work has been dedicated to leading fashion industry in a sustainable direction and her goal is to break the impression that sustainable means grey and boring.

In 2018 Sintija started her fashion label TALES OF ANYDAY. Main quality of labels designs lay in carefully selected fabrics as well as uniquely designed textile prints with elegant and yet flirtatious design details. Sustainable not only by the choice of materials and way of production, but also by the design quality. Sustainability is an exciting journey for label's designer Sintija, where every step taken leads Tales of Anyday towards a more and more sustainable outcome. This road is the labels life.

Tales of Anyday is apparel with sustainability at heart and designed with simple and functional qualities. With emphases on the aesthetic expression in rather calm and subtle ways. Beautiful things that enhance the beauty of our everyday lives and that celebrate the beauty of the simplicity of our anyday existance. That beauty that lays in the simplest moments of the most casual days, in our daily cups of coffee and laughter of our closest. Cause those are the pieces of the puzzle that make our lives fulfilled.


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