Grey Sheep


budapest / hungary


West-Hungarian University

Graduation year


Kriszta Sustik was born in Hungary. After schools she also lived in Vienna for a few years, where she created designs for orders. She established her own label SustiKKrisztA - in 2012.
the designer likes experimenting with materials, shapes. Her clothes are often inspired by instant feelings. She does not follow a way consciuosly, she is not interested in given fashion trends, final pieces are created instinctively.
Coolness and elegance are blended in her futuristic like clothes. The collections reflects her approach and personality, as one of her favourite genres is science fiction.
Satisfying her creativity in extraordinary clothes apart from creating wearable ones is also important to the designer. She often works on collective projects with musicians and artists.
The designer likes challenges, and is inspired when she has the opportunity to work with people with similar visions, other artists, musicians. She love making costumes.
The process of creation, self-realisation and freedom are essential for Kriszta Sustik. She would like to create and live without limits and expectations while she feels that her work makes sense.

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