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AMD Akademie Mode und design - Berlin

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SUSANN BOSSLAU LAB was founded in 2019 by designer Susann Bosslau. With a strong family heritage in blacksmithing, the Bosslau legacy dates back to 1836,beginning with her grandfather Friedrich Bosslau, FR. BOSSLAU, who first laid down the foundations for the family business SCHMIEDE BOSSLAU.

Now, as the first woman in her family to take over in this field, Susann Bosslau brings a unique and refreshing take on the traditional German handcraft of blacksmithing, paying homage to the many generations before her. Combining her grandfathers‘ methodologies with new unconventional techniques, she uses the heat of the old blacksmith fire and spirit from tools that her grandfathers‘ created over a hundred years ago, to work on recycled sterling silver, brass or gold. Each piece of jewelry fashions a memorable shape and narrative that exhibits a distinctive aura and finish— that of the original blacksmith workshop and its unbreakable handcrafted tools

All pieces are handmade in both Berlin and Dissen, Brandenburg Germany.

Latest Collection

Latest Collection