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Susana Martins is a contemporary jewellery designer born and raised in Portugal. Currently based in Dubai, her journey as a jeweller started at an early age in Northern Portugal. 
Trained as a goldsmith and stone setter, Susana holds a post-graduate diploma in Jewellery Design from the School of Arts of Oporto's Catholic University and a qualification as a Gemologist and Diamond Grader. 

Susana Martins' education and expertise gave her the tools to understand and communicate her pieces' poetic, conceptual, and technical characteristics while her work explores the intersections between architecture and design. Known for her passion for the Art Deco Era, Susana's aesthetic is evident, explorative, and grows from the classics to a global trend-driven visual language. 

"My pieces are not about self-expression as much as they are about how they communicate with our senses, memory, emotions, and body. SMJ is a gateway to share my passion for all things creative, inspiring people's lifestyles through exceptional product experiences." SM

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