Sunny Lim

Grey Sheep


singapore / singapore


lasalle college of arts

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By looking back into the DADA movement, I aim to alter the language of dress by eliminating standard rules and structures. The exploration was irrational, it started with irrationally tearing apart sketches of the garment, and reconstructing it as a collage. The actual garment is then pieced together with felting. For this collection, I aim to challenge the accepted notions of what a garment is, questioning the purpose of the fashion system. The system that I belong in now, is so much fuelled by the consumers, or celebrity designers. And the result every season is the same piece of garment rehashed in different styles and materials. Sickened by this cycle, I decided to take this irrational approach to design, leaving the collection seem like its accidental, and random. Felting unlikely fabrics together, placing elements from a separate garment and patching it on another. Everything in this collection has started out in an accidental approach. Even the title in this case, is the result of hitting on a few keys on the keyboard randomly.

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