Sugar NY Jewelry

Grey Sheep


new york / united states


fashion institute of technology (FIT) new york.

Graduation year


The designers of Sugar NY love to create jewelry and accessories that are sweet as sugar! Their designs have an eclectic mix of culture and style, glitz and glam and lots of fun. Being from New York, the duo had always been dazzled by the glitter and sparkle of NY skyscrapers, intrigued by street style, and as designers, have always loved finding new ways to stand out in a large crowd.
Out of everything they are inspired by, they know the one thing that can always guarantee a big smile is walking into a place full of sugary treats and sweets. Ultimately Sugar NY created their collection as a way to capture and express that same joy. The colors, the different shapes and sizes, all those flavors, all in one place. Not knowing where to begin and when to stop. Never knowing what to choose because everything is sweeter then the next. The jewelry and accessories made and sold by Sugar NY revolve around just that- overwhelming feelings of happiness, sweetness, excitement, and of course- glamour and beauty. Everything the brand creates is made to pass on the positive messages that they live by day to day:
Love yourself, treat yourself, life is sweet.