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Limassol / cyprus


accademia di costume e di moda

Graduation year


Greatly influenced by contemporary art, Cypriot born designer Michalis Stylianoudes (*1980) fashion conscious from a very young age creating extraordinary men’s and women’s wear which achieves the balance between geometrically abstracted lines and functionality of every piece. “I started sketching back in the 1994 I used to say that fashion design is my hobby… and I ended up turning my hobby in to a job’; fashion design means everything to me”.
By developing innovative silhouettes throughout different processes, including the creative handling of fabrics, fabrics that transform the mood of the design meaning it becomes dark and exotic or it can become as a more sharpened image instead reflecting the modern edge that is initially focused on. This results in outstanding pieces with experimental cuts whose imperfections shape their unique character. An outstanding apocalyptic venture that is used in each of this designer’s collections to date using textures to bring out and modulate the garments at their final finish that are accents of a voice and his own individual persona. From his very first runway show back in 2009, to presenting further well received collections at Cyprus Fashion Days, Michalis has achieved acclaim for his designs as well as tapping into his passion for his the great influence and affinity to the arts and music world expressed in his remarkable presentations on costume design for theatre plays and musicals.
A Designer that manages to combine with his innate creative abilities that outsprings an effortless and wearable line that reflect the kind of woman he sees in his clients; this successful exposure of his designs has also been a key influence in shaping the garments he produces today especially as seen on his connections with celebrities in art forms such as actors musicians and models as he is constantly looking for ways to transition retail innovation alongside his now official online presence thanks to newly launched website with countless hits a day since its existence on the web. The collections are not only available on the website’s e-boutique but at stores all over the Island Cyprus, in concept stores in Greece. Not only is he born as a creative thinker, his passion for fashion leads him to expand on and develop new concepts with his superb eye for style, visual composition and attention to detail. Michalis conquering fashion design he also is an expert Fashion Stylist, skilled prop technician thanks to his creative with a solid strength in apparel on model styling. Whatever the wearer decides, it is clear that he has a strong signature for understated chic where shape and colour collide, this is the back bone that put things in to order for the perfect shapely silhouettes and a diffusion of colour. These are the clothes for the next generation, Michalis Stylianoudes designing with a new fashion formula using a touch of culture in a modern way on to his pungent creations bridging the gap between past and present in this resolute day and age.

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