Grey Sheep



new york / united states


rhode island school of design (risd)

Studio_Copula began as an experimental accessories lab based in NYC. The name derived from the Latin noun for a “link” or “tie” that connects two different things. The label holds the beliefs that humans are social animals that need to be connected in order to thrive and to survive.’Social’, the word itself, is merely a coping-ideology formulated by the development of our societal infrastructure, fueled by the human instinct to orient towards each other. It is merely collective ideas projected outwards, merely expressions of human connectivity, yet a dominant force that shapes the perception and behavior of our current generation. However, With the acceleration of technological advancement, the world lacks interconnection between individuals. Established by four designers who all graduated from the Jewelry+Metalsmithing program at Rhode Island School of Design in 2018, Studio_Copula aim to seek and observe social phenomenon and issues within postmodern society. With an urge to dissect human society, the label simulates an experimental lab to formulate futuristic accessories specially made for the postmodern human beings.

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