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berlin / germany


esmod international university of art for fashion berlin

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Born and raised in Zurich, Julia Winkler graduated with distinction from Berlin’s International University of Art for Fashion (ESMOD) in 2012, with a diploma in Fashion Design and Pattern-Making. Her approach to design is characterized by a strong sense for abstraction paired with a profilic preference for contrasting themes resulting in a solemnly poetic, yet vivid and slightly quirky elegance. Her graduation collection won the „Annabelle Award“ and the „Prix du Jury“ in 2012 and she subsequently worked at Barbara Bui in Paris. Julia has been a finalist in several other fashion awards such as „Designer for Tomorrow“ or „Bolero’s Choice“ and is currently working and living in Berlin. Apart from running her own label, she’s freelancing as technical designer and pattern maker for labels such as 032c and Kaviar Gauche.

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