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Studio KRJST is a contemporary Brussels artistic consortium created in order to merge creative skills and meet specific needs. Gathering a panel of various artists (fashion designers, photographers and print designers), Studio KRJST offers its know-how and expertise to various artistic projects.

STUDIO KRJST’s vision embody themselves in 6 main themes : the momentum, the breakdown, the mystic, the introspection, the subversion and the sensuality. The aim is to bring a new depth, saoul and authenticity into every day life objects, accessories and clothes

Erika and Justine, the D.A of KRJST (r-t-w brand for men and women) manage the elaboration, the implementation and the follow-up of all the activities related to Studio KRJST.

STUDIO KRJST defines itself trough KRJST, a cool and sophisticated RTW brand, and trough the multiple artistic skills and collaborations that it proposes.