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stockholm / sweden


artez university of art and design arnhem

Studio Heijne is a newly established online fashion brand that offers style-conscious women modern dresses with a unique opportunity to adjust them according their own taste.

Our web shop at does of course give our customers the opportunity to order the products exactly as presented. On top of that we also provide a digital tool that makes it possible to customize the dresses entirely to your own wishes by playing with colour and pattern, and adjusting sleeve and dress length. Here we let our customers' creativity flow freely!

Studio Heijne's philosophy is based on the following pillars:
• Co-creation: We are confident that our products will be better when they are created together with the customers!
• Production on demand: We see production closely linked to demand as an important key to contribute to a sustainable society. The model leads to minimal waste and eliminates overproduction.
• Creativity: We want to share the fun to create and wear a personal product. Studio Heijne stands for creative design, innovative solutions and products with a signature.
• Quality: We always strive to deliver the highest quality. This applies to our total offering from product to packaging and service.

Wendy was born in the Netherlands in 1980, but is today a Stockholm-based fashion designer.

Wendy's background and thoughts:
I studied fashion design at Artez (University of Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands) and after graduation I was recruited to H&M's head office in Stockholm. With 12 years of experience as a designer at one of the world's largest fashion brands I have now decided to realize my dream and follow my own vision of what I think fashion should be about.

In a modern society where women are well aware of trends and style, it amazes me that customers are not offered opportunities to interact with the designer or exert a personal influence over the design of the garment.

All my dresses are a result of a genuine design process. I love working with old fashion methods like draping and hand drawing and combine them with modern techniques such as laser cutting and 3D printing.

My ambition is to continue developing our "customise" concept and start integrating new technologies (3D-printing / laser cutting) directly into the creation and production process.

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