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Ching-Hui Yang graduated from MA material futures at Central Saint Martins, and graduated from London College of Fashion with a First Class Honours in Bachelor of Arts - Fashion Jewellery. She is eager to explore different materials, skills and modes to challenge boundaries of what defines jewellery. She always get a lot of inspiration from investigating people. She is interested in focusing on the relationship between body, object and the absence of an object. She believe she could use experimental jewellery as a way to challenge the boundaries of therapy design. Jewellery can be a way of communicating emotion between people.

For the long term goal, She would like to document and visualise emotion itself - for example a feeling such as denial, anger, bargain, depression or shame. Her aim is for this process and the resulting art pieces to enable a rethinking of the definition of empathy. She wants to draw to peoples attention that design as a form of empathy is the visceral experience of another person's thoughts and feelings from his or her point of view, rather than from one's own. Empathy facilitates prosocial or helping behaviours that come from within, rather than being forced, so that people behave in a more compassionate manner.

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