Sttud London

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


university for the creative arts (rochester)

Graduation year


Here to Tailor the Streets
STTUD an influential acrynum (Stay True To Ur Dream) made to encourage people to take on their dreams. It represents those who cannot see anything else beyond their individual dream creating success in their passion. The dream is about working hard to achieve big but also staying true to your beliefs not losing yourself along the way.
STTUD London represents the Urban man in a positive perspective. Adding sophistication to his look while keeping the comforts of street creating a new Street Tailored appeal.

Head Designer/ Street Tailor Ché grew up in South London within the urban scene with a creative family background and a love for tailoring. Ché has always been passionate about having a brand that stands for something and has used her experiences as an influence combining elements of her up bringing, culture, loves and beliefs to create STTUD London. Ché studied at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester where her final collection caused her to find her calling within menswear clothing as she discovered her instant connection to menswear design.

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