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Welcome to my Strange world.

Strange of London is a British jewellery brand specializing in detailed silver Jewellery.
Founded in 2008, by jewellery designer and theatre designer Matthew Strange.

Designer Matthew Strange draws inspiration from the natural beauty of nature to create his unique work. Each of his jewellery pieces are instantly recognisable for its impeccable detail and design.

The Designer:

Having trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in Theatre design in London, Matthew’s skills in model making led him into the wonderful world of Jewellery. While playing around one day at his design desk in a cottage in Surrey, a honeybee flew in his window and landed onto his model he was making. Matthew decided that after looking at the bee he would make a miniature model of it. After much deliberation he decided to cast the bee into silver and make it into a piece of jewellery, he presented this little silver bee to his friends as gifts. They went down a storm and friends of friends wanted to buy these little bees as gifts for their friends. And so in a nutshell Strange of London was born!

Matthew’s designs are now available in independent boutiques and stores in Europe and of course online at

The Design:

Each item is designed by Matthew at his desk, he first makes initial sketches and then transfers that sketch into wax which he then gets cast into Silver.

Each design is taken from the design and theatrics of nature. His exquisitely detailed jewellery brand ensures Strange of London jewellery stands out from the crowd and makes this the must-have jewellery brand of choice.

The Ethos:

Strange of London’s aim is that silver jewellery should be theatrical, highly detailed, innovative and created as a small art form. Each item of jewellery is designed to work with any outfit and is to give a piece of theatre every time it is worn or seen.

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