Stitching stories

Grey Sheep


rotterdam / The Netherlands


Willem de Kooning Academie

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries

The Netherlands

Cultural anthropology is the inspiration for Stitching Stories: We all tell different stories by the way we dress. There are mutual differences, but also similarities between different societies, which is expressed in clothing styles. 

The question that Carmen has taken as the starting point for Stichting Stories is: what is the meaning and feeling behind the way we express ourselves in clothing and accessories. Stitching Stories stitches and merges the stories of various subcultures in her designs. This research can create possibilities to create a new melting pot: The dress code of certain subcultures has been merged in the designs, in order to visualize the differences and connections as a new harmony. This provides the insight that a person can belong to different groups at the same time. What happens to the stereotypical image we have of each other? What can we learn from each other?

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