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Oxford Brookes Polytechnic

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The Netherlands

Svetlana Fedina was born in Moscow in 1986. She moved to England in 2007 to study at the University in Oxford. In 2014, she decided to live in Amsterdam. This is where she found her purpose: fashion design for causes she cares about.

StillSveta is sustainable clothing label, focusing on creating male and female outerwear.

StillSveta believes that fashion can be an effective way to convey a message serving a higher purpose other than merely improving appearances. This is why designer makes clothes from environmentally friendly produced and organic fabrics. Each coat comes with a unique lining design, inspired by natural phenomena, printed in a socially responsible printing organization.

Designer believes the eyes are the doors of our perception. They have a strong symbolic value, embodying curiosity and wisdom. The eyes also remind us of what we tend to overlook in our everyday lives.

Each collection is an exploration of consciousness, aiming to spread awareness of climate change, animal care and a more sustainable way of life.

10% of profits generated by sales go to the animal shelters in Moscow and Amsterdam.

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