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Elke Fiebig is a Berlin based fashion designer specialising in slow fashion, with a focus on natural dyeing, textile techniques and zero waste pattern construction.
After studying at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (KHB), Germany, and Designskolen Kolding (DK), Denmark, she graduated in 2013. In 2014 she was chosen to participate in Goethe Institut Dhaka's programme "Local International", aiming to promote sustainability, fair trade and participation in the fashion industry.
She received the City of Berlin's scholarship "Elsa-Nafög-Stipendium" in 2014. Besides, she gained various experiences in the field of fashion and natural dyes. She assisted at Boessert/Schorn where amongst other things she developed accessories.

"I regard fashion as something that expresses how we are part of everything around us, connected to the past and shaping the future. I aim to create garments that are determined for actual wear while being objects of cultural and intellectual significance."

STILL garments was conceived as a result of her trip to Dhaka and Rangpur in Bangladesh. The label follows the slow fashion philosophy: Sticking to its own aesthetic, the collection will grow organically, adding a few pieces and evolving others. Up-to-date zero waste pattern cutting is combined with ancient textile techniques and natural piece-dyeing of the finished garments, resulting in STILL garments signature textile surfaces. STILL garments strives to create long lasting favourites that make you feel & look good. They offer comfort and don't neglect functional details such as pockets while offering a contemporary high fashion design. As a plus, most tops and jackets are designed for multiple wearing options - the jacket is reversible, tops and dresses can be worn back or front for a different colour or cut.

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