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Stig Percy Andersson was a well-dressed photographer and also my grandfather. Stig Percy, the shoe brand, founded in 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a tribute to this inspirational man. He was well-dressed and lived an interesting life, with a taste for adventure – he traveled around Europe on his motorbike after the WW2 and took photographs and partied with famous Swedish artists in their studios. Stig also valued quality and duration. To Stig it was important to take care of everything he owned. These are also the core values of Stig Percy, the brand. We value quality, sustainability, and design and we aim to design versatile shoes that have a modern vision of how to make shoes last longer.

The aim was to create casual leather shoes with minimalistic, cool and contemporary Scandinavian design. Designed to look cool but endure the rainy weather we experience up north and contribute to a better environment. Stig Percy is always curious to learn new things, meet different and inspiring people and find new ways to do things better; it’s an important part of understanding people’s needs and how they live their lives around the world. We want to create shoes that you live your life in sustainably!


As we care for the environment, we like to keep things simple. We work with two small family run factories outside of Porto in Portugal, that we are visiting on regular basis to ensure quality. It is important to us to build a long-lasting relationship with our manufacturers.

We source our boxes and bags around the same area and our shoe bags are made with leftover fabric stock to minimize waste. The insoles we use, in all shoes, are sourced from Spain and are extra cushioned and anti-bacterial for an extra comfortable shoe.

The leather we work with is vegetable tanned, it is an artisan tradition mixing traditional recipes with modern techniques for a sustainable result. The tanning process is free of any heavy metals and does not contain any toxic substance harmful to man, and therefor is highly tolerable for those who suffer from metal related allergies.We work with two tanneries, Carvalhos in Portugal and Tempesti in Italy.


We believe in paying for great sustainable materials and skilled, ethical labour.

We also believe in fair pricing, and that’s why we decided to sell straight to consumer. By selling straight to you we are able to offer another price point, removing unnecessary mark-ups.

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