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Marie-Laurence Stevigny is simply a creative Belgian accessories designer… Her quote is to design simply beautiful, simply individual, simply essential and simply meaningful accessories.

MLS is a Belgian fashion accessories designer graduated from the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne in Paris and the Institut Bischoffsheim in Brussels. She also studied shoe design at Afpic school in Paris and followed creative workshops at Central St Martins college of Art and Design in London.

She acquired an international experience and a deep and strong knowledge on designing and developing accessories with proper DNA, being part of the Nina Ricci studio in Paris for eight years and senior accessory designer at Bill Amberg London for six years .

In 2004 Marie-Laurence launched her own international design consultancy studio named MLSTUDIO based in Brussels and in Paris. MLS handwriting is based on simply designing accessories going beyond the simple definition of accessories.
She has many important references in her portfolio such as Nike, Nina Ricci, Lacoste, Magareth Howell London, Aston Martin UK, Guerlain, Bentley, Agnelle,…

In 2010, MLStudio won a gold fashion award in Los Angeles for the IDA competition (International Design Awards) for its women’s glove collection designed for Agnelle.

In January 2015 after more than ten years of creative collaborations with global brands MLStudio starts a new chapter in its business with the matched bags and gloves collection branded under Marie-Laurence Stevigny by Agnelle.
Start of the new partnership between the luxurious French glove maker Agnelle and the Belgian accessories designer Marie-Laurence Stevigny.
The idea of the collection is a "luxurious simplicity" : bring the unique know how of the glove maker within simply essential, sensual and elegant accessories .

The shapes are soft and made of black lambskin nappa leather. The details express themselves on generous shoulder straps or around the wrists: a skin story where hand is meaningful.

The collection is made of essential and modern shapes: three bags, one clutch and one glove shape available in a two different creative designs: dots rivets and fringes.

In 2018 MLS launch her own eponymous brand MLS- Marie Laurence Stevigny with a focus on the origins of bags : an accessories collection of "pockets to wear" in premium leather in skin shades : MLS : Move Light & Safe.

There is always a good thing to learn from bad experiences. Since I got my handbag stolen when I move, commute or travel, my main purpose is to feel secure, allured & free by keeping my essentials « close » within reach.
The best solution I found is to put all my essentials ( like keys, mobile, wallet, credit cards ) in my pockets hidden under my coat ... but I have been struggling to fit a square wallet in a pocket …
This is the MLS concept :
Move Light & Safe: a simple light, allured and safe accessory, the perfect companion for daily move, commute or travel.
“ Minimal Lightweight Sherpa ”
These little sherpas are a new vision of the accessories : « ready to wear » accessories for both men and women.
A first MINIMAL CONTEMPORARY PREMIUM CASUAL mono product ; a collection of « pockets » to wear.
The core Pockets and Zip collection is available in Premium cowhide leather in 5 Skin color shades: Offwhite, Tan, Nude, Ebony & Black.
Special Winter 2019/20 editions Zips are offered in Leopard micro and maxi prints on cowhide leather, in Black rivets , Metallic lambskin , in Sheep curly lambskin in Black & off white, and shaved Sheep lambskin availble in the 5 skin colors shades: Offwhite, Tan, Nude, Ebony & Black.

Designed in Belgium .
Since in September 2018.
Made in Spain by luxury leather goods experts since 30 years.
Made with premium Spanish cowhide and lambskin hides.
Available by appointment at our show-room in Bussels , online and sold in 7 countries.
Styled & organised by yourself.

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