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miami International University of Art & Design

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The Stalker Brand is a melting-pot of inspiration from Miami, Japanese and Korean culture. It’s graphical, TYPO-graphical, and of course animated.
Born from a love like “the cheesy movie kind”, The Stalker Brand was created by an empowered female couple.

Their clothes are for the gender equal, for the ever evolving, the evanescence and for those that can simply appreciate the craftsmanship in the details.

We hand pick even the smallest details because we believe that doing things out of love means giving our all to every part of the experience, so that you can "feel" (pun intended) it too. We believe in the power of communication through freedom and passion. There are no boundaries, paradigms or even rules to what makes us create.

We believe in the ultimate expression of our self and in the recreation of emotions throughout images, color, animation and sound.

We honor history by blending what was given to us from our ancestors with our everyday. This way, we don't forget about the past and we also Welcome the Future.

Welcome to The Stalker Brand.

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