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Soul made : ancient soul futuristic identity

Soul Made products are a reflection of ancient wisdom, spiritual power of the individual, and reawakening in the modern world. Soul Made Collection, consisting of 100% wool felt and genuine leather combinations, has been exclusively designed to remind wearers of their inner powers. The collection consists of bohemian, casual and minimalist shoes, boots and bag designs. Soul Made designs, the brand name and its story carry deep spiritual truths, just like its special patterns and wool felt material. Each design features a special pattern adorned with auspicious symbols.

These exclusively designed patterns, which are meant to bring good luck to its wearers, add to Soul Made products a spiritual depth, a profound level of inwardness and life energies besides the benefits of naturally squeezed wool. Felt, which forms the Soul Made brand concept and which is accepted as the oldest textile material in the world, is a rather healthy clothing material whose roots are traceable to Central Asia.

Felt, which formed the basis of the lifestyle of nomadic tribes in Central Asia, was believed to bring good luck to its wearers besides being healthy and durable. The same luck is now embodied in Soul Made designs emboldened by a powerful story behind...

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