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Born in 1971 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Daniel Blechman and his family moved to Berlin in his early childhood. The early nineties took him to Great Britain, where he completed a Bachelor in Interior Design at Richmond University. After returning to the German capital, he developed his feeling for fashion and in 2008 set up his own label Sopopular.
What does the label Sopopular for you personally, and how would you define your style?
Sopopular is the realization of my own style, which was influenced by my two main life stages of London and Berlin, and still is. The fashion of Sopopular is therefore the merger of the two cities: London stands for the cool, the Snotty - always ahead of the trend, whether it be so to fashion, music, art, architecture To my mind there is in Germany a few good men labels that can compete internationally. That's what I want to change with Sopopular. Sopopular stands for a reduced and pragmatic style in men's fashion. Classic cuts and slender silhouettes will be broken with edgy streetwear elements and futuristic design details. I will not reinvent the wheel here, but I want to do with Sopopular a contribution to improve it. High-quality materials, workmanship and fit - this mixture makes Sopopular a solid base collection for men with traditional values ​​and a unique style. Sopopular to be a counterpoint to the fast pace of the fashion, to be created in the classics that convey a certain lifestyle or image. What are your triggers for a new collection? Trends, colors, materials, people, music, social events? Everything that surrounds me in my life, raises in me ideas and aspirations - my friends, my family, music that touches me, a good movie, a great art book or a music clip. And generally speaking, the life of this city of Berlin and its people. Otherwise, I let myself be fond of substances affect patterns and colors, the color spectrum at Sopopular is very discreet. Why do you do fashion for men? First and foremost, I needed clothes for my friends and me to create, it was the idea of ​​men Sopopular labels. I stand 100% behind every collection part of Sopopular, so to speak, with the hope that the "masses" want to share this style and live a self-realization of my own style. In which countries can buy and shops Sopopular collections? Sopopular you can buy mainly in Germany but also in England, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, as well as in Italy, Hong Kong and South Korea. Currently, we focus mainly on the market in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England. Our goal is of course world Sopopular collections to bring to the people.

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