sonya monina

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kiev / ukraine



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I envision a future in which fashion transcends the physical body and digital identity infiltrates everyday life to become a new reality.
For me, fashion is a deep inner meaning that comes to the fore as a way of communicating with the outside world. Everything is interdependent and mutually supportive. The outside world depends on the inside and vice versa.

I love nature so much, I love the World and our Planet. I believe that human is a part of the Universe, and if we want to survive, we should respect natural resources as well.

Before designing clothes, I always start with the concept, the very idea, rejecting the traditional perspective as an optical illusion.
I love to create meaningful conceptual things that make you think. The things that evoke emotions and raise important questions in the human consciousness.

I like to make the World a better place! Because the World is us and each of us!

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