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brooklyn / united states


pratt institute, brooklyn, new york

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...Songlan Wu is a textile artist and fashion designer focusing on sustainable/slow fashion explorations via drawing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, natural dye, and hand sewing. She seizes inspiration and enlightenment from everyday life in a mixed culture environment with her Asian background, including but not limited to self-expression on nostalgia, women’s power in marginalized minority groups, social justice, and academic studies in different fields.

Songlan was born and raised in Mainland China, then came to the States to pursue her interests in the fashion industry. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute and a Master of Science in Business Analytics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She had worked for established fashion brands such as Anna Sui, Nili Lotan and Sachin&Babi in Manhattan and gained significant experience in skills and social connections. Her recent art projects “Ocean” and “DATA” has been featured in online and print art /fashion magazines such as Contributor, Arttells, Stylecruze, 17:23, etc. She was invited to NYFW to showcase DATA and OCEAN collections in September 2023 in New York City as a designer, DATA is also exhibited in American Mural Project museum for a month in Winsted, CT through November. In the October issue, her experience and story was shared by LA Voyage magazine.

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