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Born to Indian parents in London, Sonal grew up surrounded by the vibrant culture of a small, lesser known community with its rich and travelled history.

Fascinated by mythical stories of adorned gods and goddesses, and the numerous regions in India whose identities are characterised by distinct, culturally influenced embellishments, Sonal's love for design was cemented

At 19, Sonal started her career in investment banking whilst studying for a degree, where the balancing act of work and study reignited her desire for a creative outlet.

At 23, after uncovering a beautifully intricate family heirloom, and intrigued by how it came to be, jewellery making made its calling. Sonal abandoned her degree and.within months, taught herself the basics, sourced beads and components from all over the world, and launched her first brand Eastern Mystic in 2009.

Keen to take her creations to the next level, Sonal studied Jewellery Manufacturing at Holt's Academy, furthering her skills to create more elaborate and experimental pieces.

After graduating in 2013, the natural path was to re-brand and relaunch to represent her ever evolving East-meets-West style and in September 2014, Sonal Bhaskaran London was born

The collections represent a journey through Sonal's culture and heritage, designed with a modern and edgy twist drawn from her life in London and love of geometric form. Subtly woven into each design is a tradition to be shared, a mythical tale to be told or a talisman to be treasured.

Distinct in design and rich in culture, Sonal Bhaskaran London perfectly fuses British design with Eastern spirit..

Sonal Bhaskaran London has been regularly featured in Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Grazia, Instyle, Glamour amongst others and worn by the likes of Rita Ora, Mel B, Laura Whitmore, Alexandra Burke and PIxie Lott.

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