some sweet days by julia morgado

Grey Sheep


barcelona / spain


escola superior galaecia

Graduation year


Graduate in Planning and Architecture by Escola Superior Gallaecia, Portugal
Major on Graphic Design.
I am working with the “taller de arquitectura” of ricardo Bofill since 2000 as chief presentation design (since 2007) and architect until 2012.

I have collaborated with other achitects where I haved contributed to the development of national and international projects.

Since 2012 I was been founded juliamorgado atelier ( and manufaktura.telier ( start news collaboration in architeccture design and fotagraphy as designer and art director.
this collection this is completely hand made with antique recycled materials.
Because of that those works sre unique and original.
That is why any “imperfection ” is part of this process of making .I hope that you can treat this piece with as much love and care as i did when making it.
Have a nice sweet day...

some sweet dayS you will be mine,’ll be mine..
where did you go, up to the sun?
where are you now, part of the sea in every drop

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