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At Solve we focus on creating an ideal wardrobe for you and the environment. With each collection we address timeless aesthetics and needs of the wearer, regarding clothing, that have not been dealt with yet. Because we aim to bring you as much value as we can with our designs, our clothing is multifunctional. We work with design thinking, a multidisciplinary approach and circular economy to develop sustainable innovations. Because we encourage slow fashion, we have one collection/year as our goal is to create lasting value and timeless design.
Solve is a young romanian-danish startup that came to life in January '17 but our story started two and a half years ago. Behind the label is Cristina Dan, a contextual fashion designer trained at VIA Design University in Denmark with a background also in Circular Economy. Two and a half years ago, while searching on how to create more value with the conventional clothing that she was making, Cristina decided to embark on a long and exciting design journey. It would lead her to discover her next big passion - sustainability and the great value that it brings to everyone: people, planet and products.

We love our planet so we create circular fashion, which means that all our clothing returns safely into the ecosystem at the end of its life cycle. Responsibility is of the essence to us, therefore we trace our product's life from the raw material to its last day of use. Hence, we design, source and produce with a circular mind-set and healthy ethics in mind.

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