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buenos aires / argentina


Universidad de Buenos Aires Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo

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Panorama, Buenos Aires / Pura Patria, Amsterdam / Autoría, Buenos Aires / Four Elements, Buenos Aires

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Soifer is an emerging brand born and bred in Buenos Aires, Argentina, strongly influenced by the experience of living in the city, and its deep contrast between the overwhelmingly big and chaotic, and the tiny and meticulously detailed.
Standing on the street you’re a miniature amongst huge buildings and scaffolds, but as soon as you turn around and see a poster, it’s possible to observe the print in such detail you can even tell the CMYK dots apart one from another, beginning to understand how an image is nothing but a pattern of minuscule elements creating a bigger map. When you take a distance and stand from above, it would seem as though the same thing happens: what before were huge buildings, are now a series of little dots composing a new and more complex image, proving that scale is really only a matter of perspective.
At Soifer, knitwear becomes a means of translating this same experience into garments: colossal pieces, but patiently handmade knot by knot with noble materials. Scale is therefore the key piece in the brand’s collections, engaged in creating attire for the city that’s comfortable but most importantly easy to wear- pieces come alive and become unique upon wear and tear.
Currently 100% of the production is local, and the brand’s efforts are put into simplifying production processes, striving to achieve and constantly improve a fair price-quality relationship.

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