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the royal danish academy of fine arts

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SLOTH ROUSING is a new fashion brand showing its first collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2021. The brand is focusing on creating a story around every collection, which is shown through fashion films, installation pieces and directly in the collections.

Behind the brand is the Danish fashion designer Marie Sloth Rousing who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy 2018. With her graduation project Transformable Wardrobe, she won Designers Nest and several other prizes. In January 2022 she received a two-year talent grant from the Danish Art foundation, to dive into her methods and aesthetics.

Sloth Rousing is focusing on creating timeless styles, developed and constructed in Denmark. The collections are unique and conceptual, where installation and clothing are developed side by side and being strongly conveyed through fashion film and performance shows. The vision of SLOTH ROUSING is to create concepts that examine the limits of our understanding of clothing.

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