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amsterdam fashion institute (amfi)

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SKÉUO brings a unique perspective to modern dressing through the limited production of consciously developed high-end products.

We exists in the space between heritage and modernity. Through subtle statements that expose a curated-life, SKÉUO shapes to express an ever-growing identity, complemented by design, imagery and texture. The ease of control challenged by the confidence to explore. Comfort in the face on an ever-changing world.

Our ethos rides the current from nostalgic concepts of identity and dogma to the ever-evolving modern environment where trends, culture, values, technology, politics and the perception of truth become elusive elements that influence self-expression.

SKÉUO’s identity is founded on the following core values:
I. Thoughtful
II. Modern
III. True

We aspire to become a reference of an unconstrained and culturally non-normative high-end design experience. It bases its model on the notion that advances in society’s perception of culture and values, the craving for constant and closer change and artistic stimulation, and the desire to have more meaningful and innovative creative experiences, will increase the demand for design concepts that speak to and shape social identity.

SKÉUO is committed to developing a conscious business that is mindful of the environment. Its goal is to bring high-quality products developed in limited series. This approach to manufacturing is done with sustainability in mind, as a response to waste and over production, allowing us to focus on quality.

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