Grey Sheep


vilnius / lithuania


vilnius art academy

S'jewelry [S'j] is a statement jewelry artist/brand, focusing on body-related sculpture and exclusive/one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.
Main focus is the use of synthetic combined with organic and natural materials. Reflection of the eclectic mindset and contemporary landscape. Escape route from consumerism and industrialization to the state / fact / quality and condition of singularity.
Each jewelry piece stands as a manifestation and statement for wearer's behavior and perspective.

"...I name this type of jewelry a social tool and this includes basically any form and scale body related object. In other words - it's a trigger point for character's behavior and storytelling."

It is about object as a link to metaphor of beauty as such, sociopolitical tool and self-expression, which is exercised on disposition, thought, emotion and action, through the fingerprints of nature and character's behavior.

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