sistan varvara

Grey Sheep


kyiv / ukraine

The brand concept is based on permanent reasoning, through the creation of objects and the interaction between a spiritual beginning and the material world, the search of rhythm of lines and forms movement in space.
The absence of black colour as unified and factitious is due to transmitting a relevant story and striving to create unique refined garments.
Collections consist of several subsections; each represents a certain concept and is subordinated to the general idea.
EXEMPLAIRE - garments that are created in a single copy, which are part of the core collection. The garments of this line made by non-traditional materials or elements which doesn't use in production of clothes. Like refined sorts of wine, garments are numbered and packed in wooden boxes.
8 - garments created by division into eight segments or through the use of eight lines.
UNITE - garments created with the help of one constructive line or one segment of material.

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