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As a graduate of Central Saint Martins and with a background in the silk industry through my father's tie group company, I have developed a keen sensitivity towards fashion design from a young age. My exposure to various fabrics has shaped my design aesthetic and principles. In 2014, I further honed my skills by attending Interlochen Arts Academy to study visual arts. In 2018, I established my own brand and company after receiving an offer from St. Martin.

In the realm of fashion, it is important to acknowledge that everything has two sides. While material desires and fashion are often perceived as shallow, it is also a manifestation of human desire and vanity. However, on the other hand, fashion serves as a medium for designers to express their ideas and for individuals to pursue beauty and their dreams.

Fashion is a complex landscape, where elegance and vulgarity exist in tandem and the actuality is often a blend of light and dark. It is a fluid concept that requires a nuanced approach, much like the balance between the dividing line (S) and the circle (0) in the Yin and Yang philosophy of China.

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