Simone Simon

Grey Sheep


boston / united states


Ecole Nationale D'Architecture de Paris

Graduation year


Innovative, French & Boston based fashion brand. How Technologies can create unique, confortable and ethical building blocks for the dynamic woman's wardrobe.

Our use of 3D CAD, is to visualize and test patterns before actually cutting any fabric. Using technologies as an iterative design process allows us to work on the pattern, the cuts, the thickness of the garment on any body type. We use virtuality space to improve reality.

Launching our very first collection with spirit: patterned and striped clothes, locally made with passion.
We design clothes that sublime a woman's body! By strategically orienting and positioning patterns and stripes on the body shape , we change the way it is viewed: legs can appear longer, the waistline tighter , pretty and marked, the breasts higher and accentuated, the shoulders highlighted. In a nutshell the body is enhanced , and appears more feminine ! : this isn't magic , it is truly based on optical vision, geometry and anatomy.
Our brand is : Classic but not dull. Elegant and sexy. Classy but not frigid.

We are not only proud but also working on the sustainability of our materials and means of production. Considering the process of how a raw fiber is turned into a textile, the working conditions of the people producing the materials and the material's total carbon footprint. Beeing an ethical Fashion Brand is more than just an idea, it's a fight, for a better fashion. Our collections are made for a conscious woman of her time , who wants to wear : stylish & sustainable, ethical & chic clothes.

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