Grey Sheep


Kaunas / lithuania



Graduation year



Academy of Fine Arts
Master of Design (Costume design) (Vilnius, Lithuania) 2016 -2018
I gained knowledge: analyze and critically evaluate processes taking place in contemporary design, fashion design to discern trends and principles. development of high quality fashion design products, motivated to present their solutions and ideas. Practical application of theoretical and technological knowledge in order to create innovative fashion design products to organize and manage the creative process. To work in interdisciplinary teams in the national and international context.

Academy of Fine Arts
Faculty of Bachelor of Arts (Applied Textile) Kaunas (Kaunas, Lithuania) 2012 – 2016
I gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in textile art and design. Specialize fabric surface design, woven material structures forming, fashion accessories and home textile, textile objects and architectural contexts textile expression in social contexts.

Kaunas Household Services and Business School
Sewer qualification (Kaunas, Lithuania) Year 2015 – 2017
I know I gained a tissue cutting, design and modeling, special drawing, fashion and style, raw materials: fabric, leather, fur and features of their use, auxiliary materials and additives range, overlock, clothing repair defects, embroidery pattern of preparation and its transfer onto the fabric, embroidery various techniques by hand and machine, the accounting framework
Kybartų Donelaitis Gymnasium
(Kybartai, Lithuania) Year 2008 2012

Fashion academy/STYLIST COURSES 2018

Plein Air- gained new knowledge about the clay, practicing and develop their painting skills.2014
Nida Art Colony -Develop communication skills mokinomės matured ideas, work in teams, sketches. 2014
Thermowave -Fashion design, material pattern creation, adaptation trade.2015
Textile Faculty opening project (Ireland) collaborate textile students from Arias. We created a joint exhibition of textile theme - THINGS (DAIGTAI).2014
Attorney at Law - Cooperation with interior designer with which to align textile works projects in a particular interior.2015
Workshops - L.oržekauskienė collar otherwise - interpreted the collar and the form chosen by the idea. 2016
Workshop - D. Bendiko design / modeling workshop. From concept to 3D rezultato. Learn modern construction techniques. 2017
Workshop- B. Staškausko accessories cooking creative workshops. From idea to result. According to idea to produce accessories for shoes, bags. 2017

Seminar in 2016 participated in the Swedish textile teacher who taught a seminar on the synthetic and natural fabrics and their properties. Practice klouke technique
Seminar 2016 Smart textiles - I. Audzevičiūtė-Liutkienė, lectures about smart technology in vogue and how to apply them.
Nano Technology Seminar 2016 - V. Milašius
Seminar 2016 Fashion Design Marketing - V. Dias, a series of lectures about the signs you buy, environmentally friendly fashion, how to develop their business.
Seminar 2016 Fashion Design Marketing-Marketing - R.Časas.
Seminar 2016 Fashion Design Marketing-Marketing - A.Lieponis, a series of lectures on the psychology of advertising, marketing, marketing, brands like to stay successful.
Conference 2017 Men's Fashion Week - Julia Janus-male fashion
Conference 2017 Men's Fashion Week - J.Gailitis - broadening of design rules
Conference 2017 Men's Fashion Week - A.Ziche - Business trends in modern society.

Kaunas Biennial (Kaunas, Lithuania) - help prepare exhibitions, communicated with the artists.
Kaunas International Film Festival (Kaunas, Lithuania) – i work with festival publicity, I was responsible for film analysis and presentation of the festival visitors.
Grynparkas Festival (Kaunas, Lithuania) - disseminate leaflets and started to prepare for performances of artists.

Personal exhibition (Vilkaviškis) 2012- exhibited about 100 works of painting and drawing including a pair of text paintings.
Things (Airija) 2014- Joint exhibition with textiles Irish.
Turning Point (Vilkaviškis) 2015 - introduced woven fabric jacquard technique with modified original Lithuanian folk writing.
Textile Art Berlin 2016 is presented in my thesis. fabric collection.
Collection ,spot '2015.
Collection ,overflow '2016
Collection ,Escape from the jungle '2017

International Art Festival 2010- for color harmony.
„Lithuanian Art Olympiad "second phase in 2012.
Thermowave 2015 - for the development of innovative pattern according to fashion trends.
Apkalbose 2017m. - observed Collection Fashion Academy, reward a fashion courses.

** Photography Basics.
** Good sewing skills.
** I am interested in the latest trends and fashion.
** fashion marketing basics.
** Fashion trends predicted basics.
** I am interested in new technologies.
** Strong skills in English language; and Russian bases.
** Good skills with :Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, taip pat su Adobe Corel Drow, Photoshop, Premier program.
** A lively interest in other countries culture.

Apkalbos 2017m. Collection: ,Escape from the jungle'
Skrydis12/ Kolekcija ,Escape from the city jungle '2017
Ikra mada/ Kolekcija, Escape from the city jungle '2017
Juki young designer competition ,Escape from the city jungle '2017
Dizaino dienos Escape from the city jungle '2017
Kūrybos podiumas Escape from the city jungle '2017
Apkalbos 2018/ RAW

Latest Collection