Black Sheep


paris / france

Brand created since 2010

Simon Albo creates without hindrance;
“My creations answer to a real instinct.”

Intuitions, artisanal work of the material, strong lines with organic and scientific inspirations:
He attempts without restraint to push aside and to stun the codes of a too often gullible fashion.
His work is conscientious, honest, applied.
His pieces stimulate the imagination;
they question and release.....-

.....- Fashion Designer Stylist, International Artist consultant and Artist Stylist, Couture Collection, Craft and Artisanal works, Hand Embroidery, Feathers sculpting, Evening Dress, Special Menswear Outfit, Hats and Unique Headpieces, Professional Look book, International Media Issue, Original Millinery Collections, Artistic Mask, Fashion Show Paris.....-

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