Silvia Teh

Grey Sheep


singapore / singapore


istituto marangoni , milan italy

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Silvia Teh was the winner of Harper's BAZAAR Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award 2015, and she also was a finalist for Lycra's Future Designer Competition held under WGSN Global Fashion Award 2015.

She was a graduate from NAFA Singapore and for her win at Harper's BAZAAR competition, she gained a master scholarship to study at Istituto Marangoni Milan. After her graduation, she decided to launch her brand in Indonesia in hopes of raising the identity of an Indonesian label to the international market.

Her namesake label, is about celebrating individuality and being comfortable in one's self. Her products are designed to be unconstrained to the body, she acknowledges the discomfort women has when she gained a pound, or when she fell victim to the industry's vanity sizing. Silvia designs clothes that are meant to be timeless and effortless, clothes that are loose fitting yet fashionably unique in a way you feel different than others, and you feel like yourself. Her design aesthetic plays with the idea of balancing the notions of creativity and pragmatism, creating clothes that are cool, feminine and understated.

Silvia also strives to be a sustainable brand, and on this very early stages, her first step is to use ELS cotton fabrication that is grown in XinJiang province of China. It's a baby-step to achieve a future where Silvia Teh becomes a fully sustainable brand.

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