Silvia Stefanucci

Grey Sheep



rome / italy


accademia costume e moda

Graduation year


Silvia Stefanucci is 29 years old and she's a Material and Accessories Designer.
She just finished an MA-Accessories Design in Accademia Costume e Moda, previously she worked in
Ecco Leather as a Leather Designer: was employed in the Studio working trough design and R&D department, creating-building up new concepts and collections.
During the quarantine period, she started new collabs, with different realities (from fashion to music world) creating illustration and Graphic Artworks with digital programs.
One of her first experience in fashion system, after BA in Accademia di Costume e Moda (Rome), was in Forza Giovane (Fano, ITALY); there she puts herself into the research of new fabrics,embroideries, prints and trends for big fashion brands.
She's always catching new opportunities to challenge herself, to share her expertise, to grow and grow up a brand.
Thanks to past experiences, she has full skills in accessories world, from the design to the development, prototyping and production.

She’s interest in artistic, social, cultural and scientific contexts following events, shows and meeting, with strong passion for the accessories world (from the design to the realization), for the illustration and for the creation of theatrical costume, from which she get off her very strong stylistic character.
She speaks fluently English and she has computer skills.
During her spare time she gets collaborations with different artists: actually she's drawing for "Censura d'autore" project, making fashion illustrations.

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