Silvia Serban

Grey Sheep


bucharest / romania


Academy of fine art Bucharest

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


Silvia Serban sees life as a show and the world like a huge stage. For her, people are actors assuming infinite roles, that's why she considers herself a creator of costumes and attitudes rather than a fashion designer.
She always have been against “rules”, has had no consideration for status-quo and that vision has placed her in the avant-garde of Romanian fashion industry. Since her debut she proposed another perception of clothes - multi-functional and reconstructed - and she’s always adapted originality and individuality to functionality. Obsessed with black and with a keen aesthetic sense for mixing textures and creating innovative cuts, Silvia Serban proposes “evergreens” capable to create and re-create versatile outfits.
Clothes are never obvious; on the contrary, they invite to dialogue and open up new perspectives, from dramatic to a subtle sense of humor. With her designs, Silvia brings romantic details up-to-date, transforming elements such as the crinoline and tail coat into “must-haves” of the present times.
Her multi-functional and deconstructed style was outlined in time and got materialized in various local fashion shows, theater, film and costumes for TV shows. Also, Silvia has been in several international fairs and exhibitions.