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Founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Rafael Silvério in 2013, after completing his bachelor's degree in fashion design by Santa Marcelina College. Silvério is the signature of its creator and is a feminine ready to wear brand, following street wear, which seeks to strengthen the fashion image of a feminist woman, sexually active and who exploits her sexuality freely, questioning the role Of the woman in our society and facing paradigms of this new woman, be it female gender or female gender identity. Strengthening the image of freedom and self acceptance and non-repression is in any scope that she is willing to navigate, always facing themes and dilemmas with good humor, criticism and satire.

As a feminine brand we are not limited to this gender, there are masculine items, vulnerabilizing the macho image of South America and making it more vulnerable and more poetic also leading this question of male deconstruction.
Working in a crossover between everyday clothes and high fashion, rescuing the manual work in line of embroideries of line and of applications, making a process of sum of modeling of tailoring deconstructed and urbanized for the contemporary context.

Previous collections

  • proof of clothing collection in partnership with Vicunha Textil and Haco - Summer 2018 Menswear -Model - Patrick Dalmaso ( ROCK MGT) - Stylist by Sator Endo - RP- RP.COM- Photo By Jack Bones ( FREAK MARKET )

    Exclusive Look in pathership with Vicunha Têxil for Karol Conka - Styling by Anna Boogie

    Leandro Buenno.- Red Room - Cartola mag 3 edição



    Silvério - Love me in the open spaces winter 2017